SEASON PASSES - RESIDENT  (resides in Clark County)
Type Price
Individual (14+) $ 75
Youth (4-13) $55
Senior (60 & Over) $65
Family of Four $ 250
Type Price
Individual (14& Over) $ 95
Youth (4-13) $75
Senior (60 & Over) $85
Family of Four $ 310
Type Price
Adult  (age 18 and older) $ 7
Children (age 4 - 17) $ 5
Toddler (age 3 and under) Free
Family and Residency Verification Policy for Season Pass Purchases

A family is considered the immediate; mother, father and children living in the same household.

A person who qualifies as a “resident” is a person who lives within Clark County. In all cases nt Splash Zone users will need to provide adequate validation of their “resident” status in order to receive resident discounts for passes.

To identify residency users must provide a copy of either: 

  • a valid drivers license, or State of Ohio Identification Card
  • a photo identification with either a pay stub or current utility bill  with the  home address

NOTE: Parents are responsible for verifying the residency of any minor, in their household, who does not have a Driver's License or State of Ohio Identification Card.

Non-resident rates will be charged when residency is not determined.